Hello and welcome to my site!  I’m Marie, a fine artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m passionate about capturing the beauty and grace of the human form as well as anything in the natural world that gives nourishment for body and soul.  I have been painting a lot of farm fresh vegetables and flowers lately!


Much of my work is carefully rendered with delicate detail bringing life to my subjects.   I have cultivated my technical mastery for many years studying classical and contemporary painting and drawing methods.  More recently, I’ve been working with a palette knife, larger brush strokes and am more generous with the paint in hopes to create expressive, dynamic compositions.


You are welcome to view my portfolio pages, Petites Vignettes, Floral, Danseurs and Portraits.  All available works are listed in the Shop menu. Please contact me with any questions on pricing and purchase of artwork.  Thank you for visiting my site!


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