Ballerina Painting - Swan Lake by Marie Frances
Swan Lake, Oil on Linen, 15 X 30 inches
Romeo & Juliet Epilogue Oil Painting by Marie Frances
Romeo & Juliet Epilogue, Oil on Linen, 38 X 60 inches
Dancers Kristi Capps and Michael Cook
Ballet Art - Pas de Deux by Marie Frances
Pas de Deux, Oil on Panel, 14 X 11 inches
Romeo & Juliet Oil Painting by Marie Frances
Romeo & Juliet, Oil on Linen, 60 X 38 inches
Dancers Kristi Capps and Michael Cook
Transformation Graphite Drawing by Marie Frances
Transformation, Graphite on Stonehenge, 19.5 X 13.5 inches
Dancer Cervilio Miguel Amador
Sola Gratia by Oil Painting Marie Frances
Sola Gratia, Oil on Panel, 18.5 X 36.5 inches
Dancer Ana Gallardo
Uplifted Oil Painting by Marie Frances
Uplifted, Oil on Linen, 22 X 30 inches
Dancers Sarah Hairson and Romel Frometa

Hello and welcome to my site!  I’m Marie, a fine artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’m passionate about capturing the beauty and grace of the human form as well as anything in the natural world that gives nourishment for body and soul. Most of my paintings and drawings of dancers has been carefully rendered with delicate detail bringing life to my subjects.  As I’ve been working with a palette knife, larger brush strokes and am more generous with the paint in my Petites Vignettes and Floral paintings, I will soon experiment with more gestural paintings of dancers as well. Stay tuned!


You are welcome to view my other portfolio pages, Petites Vignettes, Floral, and Portraits.  All available works are listed in the Shop menu. Please contact me with any questions on pricing and purchase of artwork.  Thank you for visiting my site!


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