Dasies in Vase Oil Painting by Marie Frances
Daisies in Vase, Oil on Panel, 14 X 11 inches
Wildflower Painting - Zinderella Peach Zinnias by Marie Frances
Zinderella Peach Zinnias, Oil on Panel, 9 X 12 inches
Wildflower Painting - Field of Wildflowers by Marie Frances
Larkspur and Feverfew Bouquet, Oil on Panel, 20 X 16 inches
Flowers Painting - Sweet William by Marie Frances
Sweet William, Oil on Panel, 14 X 11 inches
Floral Paintings - Dogwood Pink Blossoms by Marie Frances
Dogwood Pink Blossoms, Oil on Panel, 8 X 10 inches

Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Marie, a fine artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. My floral paintings are a new adventure for me and it is one I’m relishing! Similar to my Petites Vignettes paintings, I am painting these in a day or two working with a palette knife, larger brush strokes and am more generous with the paint in hopes to create expressive, dynamic compositions. On Fridays, I visit local farms to pick up produce and go out into the field to cut a bunch of wildflowers. Soon I will plant wildflowers in my front yard – wish me luck!


You are welcome to view my other portfolio pages, Petites Vignettes, Danseurs and Portraits. All available works are listed in the Shop menu. Please contact me with any questions on pricing and purchase of artwork. Thank you for visiting my site!


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