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Though None Go With Me


Oil on Linen
24.4 x 35.5 inches
Signed and Framed
29 x 38 inches with frame

Danseurs #4

As I was beginning this painting, I had lyrics from an old hymn in mind, “though none go with me, still I will follow.” This verse has often kept me going at times when it feels as if I have no support to climb whatever mountain I am climbing. You will notice while this dancer stands fiercely on her own, her friends are nearby.

I have been thinking more about composition lately and as I was working on this image in context of the golden rectangle, I learned about the link between the golden ratio and Leonardo’s Vetruvian Man. I realized the position of this dancer was similar with her outstretched arms, so I placed her within the circle/square framework. While her arms don’t quite reach the sides, she is so strong and determined to hold her stance.


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